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Me & Garcia, Morro Bay

Long Story Short is Red Carpet READY!

Posted on 2008.05.08 at 16:41
So, LONG STORY SHORT  www.longstoryshortdocumentary.com had its Los Angeles premiere at the 24th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival just last week, but first, there was the gala opening night of the fest, and Jodi and I were red carpet ready!

red carpet baby!

Well, Jodi was.  CLEARLY she's much better at this kind of thing than I am, but heck - I'm a behind-the-scenes kinda gal.  And while Jodi posed for the photo line with grace and ease, I was TOTALLY stymied at the press photographers ALL asking me AT THE SAME TIME to look into THEIR lens.  I'm sure I looked like a dork.  

This gal, however, was working the press line with great character and aplomb.

miss chinatown

She is performance artist Kristina Wong, www.kristinawong.com  playing Fannie Wong, Miss Chinatown 2nd Runner Up, stogie in her mouth, her Majordomo at her side.  She appears in Daisy Lin Shapiro's documentary YOURS TRULY, MISS CHINATOWN which was showing the day before ours.  www.yourstrulymisschinatown.com

I didn't get to see it, but I did see the premiere evening's entertainment, Jessica Yu's charming comedy, PING PONG PLAYA.  www.pingpongplaya.com  Jessica Yu is famous for her acceptance speech at the 1997 Oscars for her documentary, "Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien" where she quipped, "This dress cost more than my movie."
Or something along those lines.  

My friend, the documentarian Kristian Berg who has directed and produced MUCHO for PBS including, most recently, HISTORY DECTECTIVES, was in town from Minneapolis shooting a segment on the Polar Explorer for Weather Channel's "Forecast, Earth," and was able to join me on the red carpet.

kris & me

Anyway, it was a gala evening at the DGA theater and I particularly like THIS picture.


Why?  That big fat WGA sign in the background.  WGA in da house!

OK.  So a few days later, it was OUR turn for our LA premiere.

our premiere

There we are showing off our poster Carrol Merril style.  It was designed by the wonderful Teresa Woo-Murray of Woobabie Design.  woobabie@sbcglobal.net

Some recongizable faces were in the crowd.

james hong

Here's Jodi with actor James Hong - www.jameshong.com - he was the frozen replicant eyeball guy from BLADE RUNNER which is only one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME.

Many dear friends came and surprised us, and there were lots of folks who were involved in the making of the film.

the lees

Here is Angela Lee with her father C.Y. LEE.  C.Y. wrote the original novel FLOWER DRUM SONG upon which all other versions are based, and he was interviewed for the film and even dances with Jodi in it!  He's 91 years young.  Angela, an independent producer, most recently produced the VERY well reviewed ZOMBIE STRIPPERS - www.myspace.com/zombie_strippers 

Here's me and Dean Chamberlain, one of our intrepid camera operators.

me & dean

Dean's mostly known as a musician - he was a member of the original MOTELS and founded the rock band CODE BLUE and is currently playing all over town solo.  Check him out sometime - his gig info is constantly updated on his myspace page - www.myspace.com/deanhchamberlain 

jodi & doug

Here's Jodi & Douglas Cheek, the HEROIC editor of LONG STORY SHORT.  Doug has been a part of this film from the very inkling of the idea, and it would have NEVER been completed without him.

And speaking of completion, here's the woman who put the film over the top by generously kicking in completion funds through more than one eleventh hour.


You know her from HOME IMPROVEMENT, you loved her in ULEE'S GOLD, but we like to call her -


And here's our BIG NEWS - Long Story Short won Honorable Mention in the documentary film competition, AND it WON THE AUDIENCE AWARD!  Yup.  We're the fave!  As if there were ANY doubt!

Now, onward to the Asian American International Film Festival in New York City, July 10-19 - www.asiancinevision.org  - come see us if you can!


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