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On Balance

On balance, I have to say that 2015 has been a decidedly mixed bag. 2014 was a year of unfathomable losses, one right after the other, and yet I blogged through it. But in 2015, all that grief came home to roost, plus I got a extra bonus kick in the teeth. So I'm more than ready to blast right out of this year and into the next, whatever it may bring.

But 2015 wasn't ALL bad. There were three big highlights. First, Dave and I took my mother and her best friend of 72 years, Lyla, down the Baja to visit with the friendly whales of Laguna San Ignacio.

It was different than our first trip down with our friend Consuelo. First off, the group in-camp was much larger. When Dave, Consuelo & I went, there were only five in camp, Including us, total. But even though there were more people, there were more whales too. It was one of the largest census counts of California Gray whales in the laguna on record.

So there was plenty of heavy whale petting going on. Which of course brought out the hero photographer in Dave.

Here you can see a mama whale lifting her baby up to the boat so we can pet it. It's astounding that they do this. They were hunted to near extinction, and yet they seek out this interaction with us.

Their trust is humbling. As you're looking down at them, they're looking up at you, and their intelligence is palpable. Even the babies are old, old souls.

They even have a sense of humor, as evidenced by this spy hop photobomb of our boat.

We saw lots of different behavior, like spy hopping and mating - and yes, it's impressive - but beyond laying hands on a gray whale, there's nothing that beats a really good breach.

Or a Baja rainbow.

And on our last night there, the sky put on an extra good show for Mom's birthday.

All in all, that one trip alone helped tip the balance of the year toward the plus side, but there were two other little things that helped lower the downside.

Dave's son Ryan got married to a GREAT gal named Emily, and we couldn't possibly be happier about it.

And then...

..we got married. So from our little family to yours, I wish you a 2016 that balances out to be happy, healthy, prosperous and fun. ESPECIALLY fun.

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