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Me & Garcia, Morro Bay


Posted on 2009.10.08 at 09:24
We came. We saw. We conquered!

Last Sunday, Oct 4, the LAYAs invaded the West Hollywood Book Fair, and took no prisoners!

Here's Leigh Purtill at our base camp - the LAYA booth - planning a siege of the fest.

We had candy, snacks, beverages, swag, books to raffle, 10 LAYAs, 10 teen readers...

And we were ready to RULE.

I didn't take quite as many pics as I'd hoped - too busy planning our attack - but here's some salient snapshots of our campaign for TOTAL BOOK FEST DOMINATION.

Kendall Toole, Erica Erlich, Sarina van Zyl and Sarah Bebb incinerate HOTTIE, by Jonathan Bernstein.

Erin Berry, Noah Prestwich and Riley Smith rally behind their fearless leader Leigh Purtill.

Cleverly disguised in camouflage leis, Cherry Cheva, Michael Reisman, Carol Snow, Alexa Young and Ben Esch triangulate their assault on the Teen Stage.

Mark London Williams and Susan Casey contemplate a sneak attack.

I give my troops, Noah Purdy, Riley Smith, Amelia Wallace, and Ben Esch, a last minute directive - "Sing out, Louise!"

Noah Purdy, Noah Prestwich, Hayley Mandelberg and Riley Smith lull the crowd into a false sense of security.

And Sarah Bebb, Kendall Toole, Amelia Wallace, Hayley Mandelberg and Riley Smith prepare to pillage the Green Room.

It was a complete and utter VICTORY.

And at the end of a long day, Amy Koss, Leigh Purtill and Cherry Cheva celebrate back at base camp.

LOS LAYAs - http://www.myspace.com/losLAYAs -


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